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A knowledge base to empower your agents & your customers

In today’s fast-paced world, no one wants to wait for anything—especially an answer from customer service. A few seconds is really all your customers are willing to give you. But if you have a robust knowledge base—a central repository with organized Q&A and information on everything to do with your business—a few seconds is all you’ll need. On the flip side, when your customers do reach out for help—be it by phone, live chat, text, or email—your employees will be armed with all the information they need to find answers quickly and additional resources in the form of downloadable documents, videos, and other valuable pieces of information. Soon, you’ll provide only the highest level of customer service.


What can a Knowledge Base do anyway?


A knowledge base is as much a part of your business as your logo, your reputation, and your brand. So you want your knowledge base to look just like its part of your website, featuring your logo, your messaging, your branded color scheme–everything. All of this helps assure your customers that they are in the right place to find what they need.


Your knowledge base isn’t just for your customers. A robust knowledge base is a great resource for your agents to become familiar with policies and procedures, product information, and general company knowledge necessary for the job. What’s better, the knowledge base is always available for employees to reference whenever a question should arise.


Your knowledge base should integrate with other technologies to make it easy and convenient to update when necessary. By connecting it to your live chat service or ticketing system, transcripts can be used to automatically create a new article or document for reference in the event that subject matter comes up again. Integration means no clunky copying and pasting, lost formatting, or simply forgetting to add important conversations to the knowledge base


You’ll be able to get all kinds of data from your knowledge base. Want to see what your most popular documents are with customers? Done. Need to know what search terms are being used? Check. You can even ask customers to rate articles to see what is working and what areas need improvement. A knowledge base is a living, breathing thing. As your business grows and changes, your knowledge base needs to do the same.


A knowledge base is loaded with information, keywords, and links that can give your website good SEO. Search engines can bring new customers to your business through helpful information housed in your knowledge base. Think of a knowledge base as just an extension of your website, adding more of what search engines are looking for when websites are ranked. A knowledge base works to find you new leads by getting in front of customers searching for what you have to offer.


There are no limits on what you can include in your knowledge base. In addition to basic information like product info and frequently asked questions, you can add reviews, technical specifications, how-to guides on installation and troubleshooting, videos, and return and exchange policies. Your knowledge base can also house internal documents meant exclusively for your employees. this can include documentation on best practices, tips for handling difficult inquiries, and other helpful information. These documents can be fully customized to match your website design and represent your brand.
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